Green Thumbs for Good!

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Plant-a-Row for Durham’s Food Security/Relief for Families

How it all began…

The Durham Plant-a-Row project launched in 2017 from conversations among Durham’s food system activists and local farmers and food hubs that were part of a food council. End Hunger Durham engaged pantry operators to identify their needs and capacity. What often came out on top of the conversation was access to fresh, locally produced fruits and vegetables. Not only because they would provide improved nutritional value to the food offerings of the pantries, but it would also improve the access culturally relevant food for their clients.

The Plant-a-Row concept was not new, the model has been used by other cities across the nation, so the team did not need to begin the project from scratch, just adapt the model to what would work in Durham. The group decided the most efficient plan was to match up grows to pantries in order that the food could be delivered directly, streamlining the distribution and expediting the food delivery to preserve the freshness. Since its inception, Plant-a-Row has facilitated the connection of thousands of Durham grown produce to pantry operation serving the Durham community.

…and continues to expand.

The Durham Plant-a-Row program is hoping to continue the growth and increase connections between growers and pantry operators. Their effort is a vital tool in the toolbox for building a resilient food system in Durham. Since COVID, the demand for food that support health has increased. At the same time many have started or increased space for growing fresh vegetable in their own yards. If you are among these avid gardeners and growers, and feel you could Plant-a-Row for the Durham community, here is a chance to learn more at the 2021 Kick-off Meeting.

When: June 21, 2021  6-7 p.m.

Where: Online via Zoom (link will be emailed after you RSVP)