Art Activities to Entertain & Educate Your Family

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Art is one more way that we humans feed our souls. We’ve collected a bunch of fun activities and ideas for you and your child to get creative! If you need more activities, our friends at 4-H have lots of great ideas to bring out the creativity in your child and the ArtSpace Gallery in Raleigh has several activities. Send me photos of what your family makes!

Make Some Art

This list includes activities you can do with your child, or slightly older children can do alone. It’s creation time!

  • Pasta jewelry: Paint penne style pasta and then put a thread through them to create beautiful art.
  • Shaving cream party: Let your kids ‘draw’ it on the walls of a shower using shaving cream.
  • Make a scrap book.
  • Make a dough ornament: Instructions are under ‘Forever Veggies’ in this post.
  • Make your own dye using vegetables: Instructions are under “Plants Worth Dye-ing For in this post.
  • Make your own music using the Chrome Music Lab, a website that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments.
  • Make paper chain garlands: Hang them up to decorate the living room. If you don’t have construction paper, cut up a magazine.
  • Make stamp art using vegetables: Just cut the vegetables in half, dry them well, and dip them in paint.
  • Make a collaborative drawing: One person draws a shape, and then the next, and the next, taking turns until the picture is “done.”
  • Make puppets: You can use paper lunch bags or socks and construction paper, or any other paper scraps, spare buttons, or fabric lying around the house.
  • Make a collage: Cut up magazine pictures, food packages, or spare fabric and paste them on another sheet of paper in your own design.
  • Make string art: Kids can draw a design on paper using glue. Put pieces of yarn on top of the glue.

Learn How to Make Art

Some of us don’t like to just jump in without a little support. Here are several at-home lessons your youngster can watch and learn from prior to creating their own masterpiece!

  • Young at Art with James Ransome provides several videos with the famous illustrator James E. Ransome during which kids can learn basic and intermediate art skills from shapes to colors!
  • Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems on Facebook every weekday at 1 p.m. the Kennedy Center provides a live doodling or drawing lesson with popular children’s artist Mo Willems (Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus).
  • The CAPS program (Creative Arts in Public & Private Schools), an initiative of Durham Arts Council and Durham Public Schools, has several online arts courses in topics ranging from scarf dancing to mosaic making.
  • The Djembe Academy in Winston Salem has an online class to teach kids how to play the djembe rhythm Kuku with the pots and pans you have at your house!

Take In Some Beautiful, Virtual Creations

If you and your family just want to spend some time taking in some beauty, there are a plethora of online spots to enjoy artistic beauty. Be inspired!

  • Virtual gallery tours for museums around the world are online.
  • The Smithsonian has lots of info about different artists, genres, and a collection sampler online.