Talking to Your Child About the Coronavirus

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One way to decrease your child’s stress right now is to make sure that they have age-appropriate information about COVID-19. Studies have shown that children have much more anxiety and fear when they hear news that they don’t understand. Experts advise that news and radio stay off when young children are around because children have trouble ‘interpreting’ the details. However, we all know that even young kids have heard about COVID-19 to some extent at this point, so here are some resources to help you talk to your child about this ongoing pandemic.

For Parents of Young Children 

For Exceptional Children

  • For children with learning differences and disabilities, Understood has these great tips.

For Older Children 

When talking to older kids, remember that they probably already know more information than you’d expect. It might be a good idea to start a conversation with them by asking what they have heard about COVID-19 and going from there. 

Whatever your children’s ages, just remember that being there for them is key. Showing all that love, support, and positivity will go far in making sure that your children’s anxiety levels stay as low as possible.