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Rider Guide

As a rider on ACCESS you have certain responsibilities. Please familiarize yourself with the following information.

ACCESS telephone: 560-1551 ACCESS address: 1911 Fay Street, Durham, NC 27704

Scheduling a Ride

To schedule a ride, call 560-1551, Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., one to 14 days in advance.

When you call, be ready to tell ACCESS:

  1. The Passenger’s name
  2. The pick-up address
  3. The drop -off address
  4. The appointment time
  5. The desired return time
  6. If an attendant will make the trip as well.

ACCESS will tell you:

  1. The pick-up time period (usually a one-half hour time period)
  2. The pick-up time for the return trip (usually a one-half hour time period)
  3. A confirmation number

Riding the ACCESS Van

 ACCESS provides “curb-to-curb” service. This means that an ACCESS van pulls up to the curb or into the driveway to pick-up or drop-off passengers. You must be ready when the van arrives, and be able to get to the van alone or with an attendant. Drivers may help you if you have trouble getting on or off the van, but drivers are not allowed to leave the van to help bring you to the door.

If you are required to pay, each trip (one-way) costs $2. Exact cash fare is required. Drivers cannot make change. A book of tickets may be purchased at a lower price by calling ACCESS.

If you do not have exact fare, all trips for that day will be provided, but no future trips will be permitted until the fare is paid.

If you must cancel a trip, call ACCESS at least one hour before your pick-up time.

In case of severe weather, ACCESS vans may not operate. Tune to local radio or TV stations for information.

Safety Rules

ACCESS passengers must:

  •  wear seat belts
  •  stay seated while the van is moving
  •  not assault another passenger or driver
  •  provide car seats for children
  •  not eat, drink, smoke or use bad language
  •  not bring weapons on the van
  •  not bring more than 3 bags on the van
If you do not follow these rules, you may not be allowed to ride the van in the future.